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357 gunz - Successful Retwist

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357Gunz (12 videos)
Tags: 357 gunz - successful retwist
shut up, stop hating, and wake up!! sometimes i look for tomorrow like there is no today, aint got no favorite rapper cuz most these niggas gay, they sold they soul they took a Oath now the Boulle, keeping u under control by flashing Gold in front yo face, and keep these hoes shaking that ass in lingerie, these niggas flows be full of lies they fabricate, constantly talk about dro & blow like they be moving weight, open yo 3rd eye and you'll see that we all wanna take. (Chorus) thats what u saying when u wake up, constantly thinking bout dollars tryna see if u can cake up, a New World Order bout to show u how to break up, putting trust in Obama when the F*ck is you one Wake Up? straight up his agenda aint for us blacks, he's another corporate puppet that bout to just set us back, smoking in Cadillacs and keeping us from the facts, giving his NIgga Daps i'll fill you in on the Gaps. He's kin to 7 other Presidents what tha Fux up with that? (Killuminati all over yo body) with that shit that'll make it burn like a 12 guage shotty, i hardly go party cuz all i keep on hearing in these songs, is a bunch of F*cked up messages telling me to do wrong, ima keep it grown until the day Yahweh tell me come home, and while u sleep im staying woke with the truth passing the Knowledge on, evidence combines with tha proof now u can sing along. (chorus)

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