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Tags: atheism , evolution , philosophy , pantheism , panentheism , skepticism , metaphysical , rationalism , materialism , existentialism , marxism , nihilism , scientism , richard
Part #1 of a two hour televised debate. Larry Wessels, Director of Christian Answers of Austin, Texas & Steve Morrison, Director of Research for Christian Answers/ Christian Debater, take on four outspoken atheists namely MADALYN MURRAY O'HAIR, BRIAN LYNCH, DAN BARKER, & SHEILA THOMPSON. This debate was originally set up to be between Larry Wessels & an atheist from Dallas, Texas who had challenged for it. The atheist, however, backed out at the last moment so this "mock debate" with recorded clips by the various atheists was used in its place. Madalyn Murray O'Hair, in her book, "What On Earth Is An Atheist," said "Man is capable of mastering the forces of nature ... Materialism's faith is in man, and man's ability to transform the world by his own efforts ... not to hope for heaven beyond the grave." B.C. Johnson in his "The Atheist's Debater's Handbook" says "The Atheist may claim to know that God does not exist." Modern Atheism is not simply the absence of belief in God. It is actually an attack on God, a rebellion against God and a challenge to God. Atheism suffers from the following deficiencies: 1. Philosophically Absurd 2. Scientifically Erroneous 3. Morally Bankrupt 4. Socially Destructive 5. Aesthetically Impotent 6. Humanly Degrading Logical Errors of Atheism: 1. Erroneous to assume that refuting the opponent's theory will automatically prove Atheist's theory is true. 2. Erroneous to assume that merely giving an alternate explanation for something automatically refutes any other interpretation. 3. Erroneous to assume that arguments for or against the existence of God have any logical or material bearing on whether God exists or not. 4. Erroneous to use arguments from silence to establish a position for making pronouncements on the basis of silence. 5. Erroneous to use self-refuting arguments MACRO EVOLUTION IS IMPOSSIBLE: 1. Evolution defies Natural Science - a universe CANNOT create itself (it would have to exist BEFORE it was created). 2. Evolution is AGAINST the known laws of Thermo Dynamics. 3. No known natural law can PRODUCE INFORMATION, i.e. LIFE from nonLIFE, etc. 4. No evidence of MACRO EVOLUTION in the established FOSSIL RECORD (which consists of BILLIONS of fossils). 5. The COMPLEXITY of the DNA MOLECULE shows the IMPOSSIBILITY of MACRO EVOLUTION. 6. SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE for a YOUNG EARTH is intentionally suppressed by the media & educational institutions due to ATHEISTIC RELIGIOUS BIAS. Macro Evolution is based on SCIENTISM, NOT SCIENCE. Scientism is not true science but begins by repudiating all that cannot be reduced to the physical & studied by means of the scientific method. It is a commitment to materialism first and this then shapes the science in a such a way that no supernatural explanation can be entertained whatsoever. Those seeking additional information on this subject or others can go to VIMEO VIDEO, GOOGLE VIDEO, or TUBEWATCHER TV & type LARRY WESSELS in the


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