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Alexander's Siege of Tyre

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wpaxton (14 videos)
Tags: alexander great macedonia tyre persia darius siege history ufo heracles 332 bc
The Urban Mystic Show Ep 8: Alexander's Siege of Tyre 332 BC, Alexander the Great asks the people of Tyre if he can sacrifice in their temple and they say no. This unleashes the wrath of the greatest conqueror in history upon their city. How did Alexander breech the walls of the fortress city of Tyre and to what effect? Truly one of the greatest military victories in history. Also hear an alternative history side note at the end. Did Alexander's army get help in taking the fortress city? Correction: At ~5:44 I say that the battle of Gaugamela is "less than a year" after the siege of Tyre. This is not true. The siege of Tyre ended in August 332BC and the battle of Gaugamela did not take place until October 331BC, 14 months later.


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