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Lord GarmadonXNina - Without You

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United States
TheEpicPikatwo (16 videos)
Tags: lego ninjago lord garmadonxnina couple otp
Well.. before explaining a bit I need to say that this will be probably my last AMV any of you will see from me (If you even care of course..) but the reason why is that my parents stupid people who they were getting rent from in one of our houses, they screwed everything up in it, making it a more disaster then what it was the first time with the first people in it and when I came to my mom after my dad left, my mom told me "I'm getting rid of your ferret and hamster and also the satalite TV, phone and internet. We won't be able to pay for it anymore now." and when I heard her say all of that but mainly the internet.. my heart started breaking... because (I know it's not a need thing, more of a want but to me, it's different because all my friends on here mean a lot to me, they are family.) I need the internet, all my friends who I see more of a family than my real life family, I love them and not going to be able to talk to them will hurt me badly.. I would still have my computer but it doesn't mean much when you can talk to your friends.. So if I haven't really uploaded things here for a month or so, you guys will know why... But now about the couple. I personally think my Ninjago sona, Nina and Lord Garmadon make a perfect couple. My sona had a bit of a bad past with Pythor and what not which is why she has the scar on her fact and of course if you Ninjago, you will know about Lord Garamadon but if not, basically when he was a kid, he got bitten by the Great Devourer, causing all the pureness in poor Garmy to change.. I'm also writing a fanfic about Nina and Lord Garmadon too but I don't know if I can get it done in time before my parents or basically should I say my mom, to get rid of the internet.. And it's kinda funny how I mentioned this on April Fool's day but it isn't joke, this all happened to the house and what not, causing my mom to plan to do all of that which I'm worried but in fear of when she's going to.. So please hope that she doesn't. I don't wanna lose the internet.. That is all and enjoy this AMVs..


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