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"The Duchess is back" part 2/2

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vbazillio (20 videos)
Tags: duchess beech angeles ifr landing takeoff aviation sanyo xacti hd1000 garmin 496
(Version française plus bas) Welcome on board the Beech 76 Duchess N3803E from Portland (Oregon) to its home base San Diego (California) and PlusOne. Here is the second and final part of the video that shows our trip from Portland to San Diego. You will participate to the flight with the "Coliseum Route" procedure to overfly Los Angeles and our arrival in Montgomery Field (San Diego, KMYF) All was recorded in HD720p with two Sanyo Xacti HD1000 camcorder. One was connected to the radio communication with a patch cord. Edited with Sony Vegas

(version française) Bienvenue à bord du Beech 76 Duchess immatriculé N3803E entre Portland (Oregon) et son aéroclub PlusOne à San Diego (California). Voici la seconde et dernière partie de la vidéo qui montre notre voyage entre Portland et San Diego. Vous allez participer à la verticale de Los Angeles en VFR en suivant la procédure "Coliseum Route" et l'arrivée à Montgomery Field (San Diego, KMYF).


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