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    Duration: 37s 930ms
    Views: 54
    From: oshir Posted on 2018 May 06, Sun

    sortie vtt
    Duration: 39s 323ms
    Views: 46
    From: oshir Posted on 2018 May 06, Sun

    3D Character Modelling Showreel 2017 consist of 3d human character, Modelling, Showreel, 3d, animation, design, artist, soldier, army, fighter, creature, animal, cyborg, fantasy, fancy, cartoon, realistic an many more game and movie characters we develop.

    Company Introduction:
    GameYan is movie and game art outsourcing studio in India provide 2d and 3d model, texture, shading, rig and animation for all games for mobile, PS, Xbox, Desktop, video, PSVR, Facebook and feature movie film animation, cartoon series, TV commercial.

    Go to out art outsourcing website @ www.gameyan.com

    Connect With Us
    Find me on Facebook ☛ https://www.facebook.com/gameyanstudio
    Find me on Twitter ☛ https://twitter.com/gameyanstudio
    Find me on Google+ ☛ https://plus.google.com/+GameYanStudio
    Find me on Pinterest ☛ https://www.pinterest.com/gameyan/

    Contact Person : Ruturaj Desai
    India: + 91-9909705001
    USA: 1-408-705-2225
    UK: 44-2030020886
    Place: United States
    Designer: GameYan Studio
    Url: http://www.gameyan.com/
    Duration: 1mn 36s
    Views: 61
    From: GameYan Posted on 2018 May 03, Thu

    Duration: 1mn 1s
    Views: 59
    From: oshir Posted on 2018 April 26, Thu

    Flight of paraglider
    Duration: 2mn 45s
    Views: 103
    From: Rhautz Posted on 2018 April 21, Sat

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