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    Vacances en Uruguay
    Duration: 00:00:45
    Views: 214757
    From: Marco Posted on 2009 January 30, Fri

    I was lucky enough to get into a Cirrus SR20 G3 GTS for an IFR flight between Toussus-le-noble and Rouen (west of France). It was a pleasure to get in brief IMC and follow the VOR RWY 22. Here are some shots taken during this flight.
    Duration: 00:06:14
    Views: 224081
    From: vbazillio Posted on 2009 January 18, Sun

    My attempt at cloning myself
    Duration: 00:03:39
    Views: 217822
    From: aceman928 Posted on 2009 January 18, Sun

    Flying is magic... Welcome in the sky in high definition
    Duration: 00:01:57
    Views: 443920
    From: PrettyFlight Posted on 2009 January 17, Sat

    High speed and adrenaline !
    Duration: 00:02:00
    Views: 347230
    From: lovehd Posted on 2009 January 17, Sat

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