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    Duration: 00:07:04
    Views: 161318
    From: harrybos123 Posted on 2009 October 15, Thu

    A work barge used during construction on the seaway channel around Ivy Lea, Ontario which was sunk when no longer needed. Shot over only one short 20 minutes dive, around 100 feet deep with a moderate to strong current. This clip shows the importance and limitations of lights diving at those depths in dark waters. I still need a lot of practice in the use of lights.
    Duration: 00:03:11
    Views: 233229
    From: daniel61 Posted on 2008 December 09, Tue

    Scuba diving in Morisson's quarry just north of Ottawa (Canada). A former limestone quarry, it is the easiest dive next to a pool, no current, no waves and early in the season vis is easily 100' plus. My first dive with a new HDV underwater camera. A Sony HVR-A1U in Amphibico Evo-Pro housing. The airplane (Beech 18) was intentionally sunk as is the fake sub as attractions for divers.
    Duration: 00:05:10
    Views: 231928
    From: daniel61 Posted on 2008 December 06, Sat

    A follow up to a video shot around the same area in 2006. All shot around Cayo Largo, Cuba in Dec. 2007 (over 10 dives). Not as much fishes as in 2006 but still very pleasant dives.
    Duration: 00:05:42
    Views: 236207
    From: daniel61 Posted on 2008 December 05, Fri

    Cold water diving in Les Escoumins (Quebec, Canada) about 600km N-E of Montreal. Water temp. usually around 3-6 C... year round. Few fishes but very abundant and varied marine life of all other kinds.
    Duration: 00:04:30
    Views: 236113
    From: daniel61 Posted on 2008 December 04, Thu

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